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Touching another golfer’s ball leads to violent assault on the course

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Stephen Hariton - Paralegal
Touching another golfer’s ball leads to a violent assault on the course in a shocking incident. At the Indian Creek Golf Club in Carrollton Texas, CBS News reports that one man was “left bloodied with a brain injury and broken ribs.” [1] Michael Plumleewas in a foursome on the green at the 17th hole when allegedly a player from a group behind named Kevin Keo Sivilaywent against golf etiquette and hit his ball into the Plumlee foursome.

Reports say that Plumlee threw Sivilay’s ball off the green in response and allegedly this action by Plumlee led to Sivilay striking him with an iron golf club. Plumlee was reportedly hit in the back of the head. Sivilay then allegedly continued to strike Plumlee with the club.

CBS reports that the incident left Plumlee unconscious[1] and his prognosis is uncertain at this time. Police arrested Sivilay and took into evidence several golf clubs to determine the one which was used in the attack.

At this point, Sivilay needs the best criminal defense attorney he can find as CBS is reporting that he is looking at a sentence of 20 years if convicted. His case and sentencing will likely take into account Sivilay’s previous conviction of car burglary.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Having the best representation in any criminal case is vital to a defendant’s ability to be treated fairly and in cases such as this, where golf is a “Gentleman’s Game,” this will be looked upon as a violent person with a past history of criminal behavior destroying a fun day on the golf course.
You can never be sure what will be considered a weapon, be it a golf club or something else. Mr. Plumlee was enjoying a pleasant day on the golf course, and society doesn’t look kindly on unwarranted attacks in a place where there is an expectation of manners and civility. A competent criminal defense lawyer is necessary to keep the playing field level. At no time should you ever trust your freedom to someone incapable of delivering only the best defense.

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