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As an Historical Sidelight, Donald J. Trump is the New Andrew Jackson

Stephen Hariton - Paralegal The opinions expressed below belong solely to the contributor to the NoCuffs Report blog and are neither endorsed by nor representative of the views of The Kavinoky Law Firm, 1.800.NoCuffs or founding attorney Darren Kavinoky.

By 1.800.NoCuffs Contributor Stephen Hariton, Paralegal

Before proceeding further, I must admit that I was wrong, as were most pundits and bloggers.  That being said, the 2016 Presidential election was perceived by the nation as a referendum on the rule of law. In my opinion, the voters said “Enough!” to a candidate who was perceived to be thumbing her nose at the laws we all hold dear. 

Though currently based largely on mere innuendo, as no criminal charges have been filed, the issues of Secretary Clinton’s emails and the Clinton Foundation seemed to have carried a sense of impropriety that played a role in her not winning the 2016 Presidential Election.  Main Street apparently embraced the proposed idea that Hillary Clinton treated her public life as her own little fiefdom.

The rule of law also played a part in the nation’s decision regarding immigrationand more specifically addressed people who are in the United States illegally with criminal records.  How will this affect the future of immigration and sanctuary cities?

Now, more than ever before, our nation of laws will be severely tested.  While many have expressed concerns about the stated policies of President-Elect Trump, on the bright side, our democracy has never been stronger.  Citizens voted in numbers never before seen creating an outcome that surprised many.  Every vote counted, and the decision has been made. The electoral college produced a clear victor.

However, there is anger and hostility in this country akin to what the country experienced in 1861.

A look back at history reveals similarities between this contested election and that of Andrew Jackson.  In Jackson’s time, the common view was that he would never occupy the White House. The same was thought of Trump.  Why were both men successful? Well, in each election, man felt that he was being ignored, and wanted it to stop.

This election has intensified all the hopes and fears related to criminal justice reformand the direction of the United States Supreme Court.  In all likelihood, President Trump will have the opportunity to nominate at least three associate justices to the Supreme Court.  A moderate like Merritt Garland, currently up for confirmation, now likely has no chance to be confirmed.  The Court will most likely turn towards Justice Alioto on the court and become very conservative.

The potential overhaul of the criminal justice system will probably be placed on “hold.”  We can expect to see an increase in incarcerations. “ Law and Order” is the new slogan by which the criminal justice system will operate.  And private enterprise, as it relates to the operation of the prison system, will simply continue to expand.

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