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Former NFL Player Darren Sharper Faces Sentencing for Sex Crimes

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Darren Sharperis now facing sentencing for sex crimesthat may include 18 years behind bars. The 41-year-old former NFL player admitted to and has been convicted of sex crimes that include drugging and raping women in four different states, according to a report by CBS Local LA. [1] Read more about the story here . Criminal defense attorney Darren Kavinokyweighs in on the Darren Sharper rape case sentencing.

“Although the nature of the crime seems straightforward enough – disgraced NFL star Darren Sharper drugging and sexually assaulting women in various states – this is actually a highly complex case, since it involves both federal and state court prosecutions in multiple jurisdictions,” observes celebrated criminal defense lawyer Darren Kavinoky.

“Though it appeared that a ‘global settlement’ was at hand, meaning one that would involve a singular sentence for all up and says in the various jurisdictions,” Kavinoky adds, “this was blocked by a Federal judge in Louisiana who deemed the eight-year deal too lenient, and instead imposed 18 years.”

“Sharper will undoubtedly do at least eight years behind bars, and possibly as much as 18 years in custody. While this is all being sorted out, one thing remains clear: Sharper won’t be enjoying fresh air anytime soon,” Kavinoky says.

Sex Crimes

“As severe as this sentence may seem,” says Kavinoky, “with the collateral consequences of ending his NFL career, sex crimes are unusual in that they typically involve mandatory consecutive sentencing. This means that each sentence is stacked on top of each other, rather than being served concurrently, meaning all at the same time. Mr. Sharper should, therefore, consider himself fortunatein many respects, notwithstanding the punishment he now faces.”

1. AP. CBS LA. November 29, 2016. “Ex-NFL Star Darren Sharper Faces Final Sentence In Drugging Rapes.” Retrieved via .

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