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Darren T. Kavinoky is a highly regarded keynote speaker, TV host, author, criminal behavior expert, trial attorney, and on-air legal analyst.

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We are skilled in fighting a variety of criminal charges, ranging from weapons offenses and sex crimes, to domestic violence and theft.

The Kavinoky Law Firm has a track record of outstanding results – we’ve demonstrated success in the courtroom and have a strong record of acquittals, reductions in charges, and dismissals.  We are ready to defend you aggressively and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

DUI Defense

A DUI charge does not necessarily mean that a conviction is unavoidable. Many drivers facing a DUI charge may feel as if it is an automatic conviction, but that is simply not true. It is possible to fight and win a drunk driving case both in court and at the DMV hearing. The procedures involved in a DUI case are complex and the cost of losing is high, so let our experienced DUl defense attorneys help you every step of the way.

Drug Crimes

America pours billions of dollars into the failed “War on Drugs” year after year, at the expense of individuals just like you. If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, you’re not alone. Whether your drug charge is possession, sales or any other charge involving drugs ranging from marijuana to heroin, it’s possible to mount a strong defense and aggressively fight for your freedom.

Domestic Violence

If you’ve been accused of causing bodily injury, sexually assaulting or verbally assaulting a significant other, the lawyers at The Kavinoky Law Firm can help. A domestic violence criminal defense lawyer understands there are two sides to every story and will help you gather evidence and proof for your side. Though these charges may seem hopeless, they’re not. You may be able to save your reputation and keep your record clean by placing your case in the hands of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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